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Couples on Campus: The Stroehers

Courtesy of Vicki Stroeher
The Stroehers with their dogs

Amidst the symphony of musical academia, harmonious pairs form within shared passions for the arts–such as a couple within the Marshall School of Music. 

Music professor Michael Stroeher said the story of meeting his wife, music professor Vicki Stroeher, “is a typical nerd story.” 

The couple met in graduate school at the University of North Texas while Vicki was working at the front desk of the music library that Michael often frequented, they said.

“I asked her to lunch,” Michael said. “She looked at me and said, ‘How about tomorrow?’ and then we went.” 

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The couple had their first date at a restaurant located across the street from the courthouse where they would eventually marry, they said.

“We just sat and talked for hours,” Vicki said. “I know that the waiters were confused.”

In addition, the couple attended a party and sat and talked under a grand piano for hours, Vicki said. 

Shewent on to say that, because she was studying musicology and music theory and Michael was studying music education, they had a bit of a forbidden romance due to department rivalries. 

“It was a bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation,” she said, “like the Montagues and the Capulets.” 

Michael and Vicki continued to nurture their relationship–even while being long distance. 

Vicki said they felt compelled to get married after witnessing another couple not being able to make decisions regarding the other’s health due to the other couple not being legally married.

“We always knew that we were going to get married,” Vicki said. “This just kind of sparked it.”

However, their initial plans to get married at the courthouse did not go smoothly, Michael said.

“I got a speeding ticket on the way to get married,” Michael said. “I was late getting our marriage license.” 

Michael went on to say that he had a work trip in Washington, D.C., which Vicki accompanied him to as a honeymoon. 

“We almost missed the plane,” Vicki said. “I think we were the very last people to board.” 

Despite the pair’s initial mishaps, they eventually married at the courthouse. 

“We did not do things traditionally. We did them backwards,” Michael said. “We lived together, did long distance, had our honeymoon, got married and then had a ceremony after.”

The couple said they powered through all of the chaos–something Vicki said she appreciates.

“There is never a dull moment,” she said. “Our conversations are lively, and he makes me laugh.” 

In addition, Michael said he values Vicki’s devotion.

“She has been extremely loyal and supportive,” Michael said. 

The pair said they typically do not cross paths at work; however, they show support to each other’s individual ambitions and goals in any capacity possible.

“Each of us will have different things going on at different times,” Vicki said. “We know when the other person needs support.”

For example, Michael said he is currently lending support to Vicki in her venture to write a book.

“I am the chief-nag,” he said. “I am getting on to her to write.” 

Both Michael and Vicki said they enjoy spending their time hiking, bicycling and spending time with their dogs Nellie, Scout and Abby. 

Likewise, music plays a large role in their relationship, and they attend concerts whenever they find the time, they said. 

“A lot of the time, they are things that I play in,” Michael said. 

Michael and Vicki went on to say they share the same music taste, and “I Will” by The Beatles perfectly embodies their relationship with themes of unwavering love and heartfelt lyrics.

In terms of a long-lasting relationship, both Michael and Vicki said not holding grudges is the most important factor. 

“Having a short memory is important,” Vicki said.

Likewise, Michael said, “The old phrase is never go to bed angry.”

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