The Parthenon


March 2, 2021

These two handsome guys are Axel (two and a half years old, Blue Tick Heeler) and Tank (six-years-old, Boxer). They are two of seven Grandfur babies of Angela Patterson that works at Harless Dining Hall.  They...

I hate Twitter.

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor March 2, 2021

Only one incident in recent memory has made me want to rage quit off of Twitter, bury my smartphone in a ditch and move to a country with an internet penetration rate of less than 50%. During the...

Desensitized to death

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor February 23, 2021

The nation has now surpassed a haunting 500,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, a number that would have seemed unfathomable less than a year ago.   Too many Americans have lost grandparents, brothers,...

Respect the dead, even the ones you don’t like

Carter Truman, Executive Staff February 23, 2021

Proving they are indeed the party of love and compassion, the progressive left took to Twitter last Wednesday to kick dirt at a dead man from the comforts of their cell phones. Rush Limbaugh, a prominent...

EDITORIAL – Politics prevail over justice – again.

February 16, 2021

For months before the 2020 election on Nov. 3, former President Trump set himself up in case of defeat. Mr. Trump spread misinformation all over Twitter and his other platforms, claiming the Democrats...

Journalism Matters

Journalism Matters

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor February 16, 2021

I can’t help but notice all of the posts about how awful “the media” is, how terrible the news is and for people to stop supporting the news in general.    I’d like to be the devil’s advocate,...

Parthe-pet: Meet Chloe

Parthe-pet: Meet Chloe

February 16, 2021

Chloe is a maltipoo/shih tzu mix. She loves to play with me and my 12-year-old brother. If she is not playing, she is cuddled up in her bed sleeping. She is a sweet girl who loved to cuddle and be held.

The glass is half full – just trust me.

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor February 9, 2021

Do you feel that? Something different between your friends and family, even from just a few months ago? Noticing your attitude and mind feels cloudy and more judgmental than usual?    Allow me to...

Making progress, together.

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor February 2, 2021

During the democratic primaries and debates, nominees frequently claimed there was more common ground between Americans than we might think. Now President Joe Biden, with senators Elizabeth Warren and...

The unknown impact of living a virtual life

The unknown impact of living a virtual life

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor February 2, 2021

It has been almost a year since we had to start adapting life to work around a global pandemic. Since then, many jobs have become available remotely, and schools have switched to either a virtual or take-home-packet...

Make America Governable Again

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor January 26, 2021

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, now it’s time we do our part.  By all accounts, President Biden has inherited a country in utter chaos and disarray. Barely a few weeks separated his inauguration...

Pandemic presents enrollment challenges for universities

Pandemic presents enrollment challenges for universities

Tyler Spence, Opinion Editor January 26, 2021

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted institutions and households worldwide, with no institution hit harder than college campuses. As many colleges and universities moved into a mostly...

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