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home. made. This is a fairly new seriess with only six episodes, but all are unique and pull you in from the start. I discovered this podcast from another podcast and was sucked in immediatly....



June 15, 2021

If you aren’t a fan of cats, you definitely would not want to run into Cookie. This impatient tortoise-shell cat loves to bite and roll her eyes at anything with joy or affection. She will...

Herd Reads

Herd Reads

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor June 15, 2021

Saving Humanity: What we must do by H. Dan Rice Born in 1943, H. Dan Rice brings a short, but thought-provoking story overviewing his view of his generation’s accomplishments and shortcomings...

Welcome to Marshall

June 15, 2021

David Dampier, College of Engineering and Computer Science Welcome to the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. These are exciting times in the college. We have approximately 500 undergraduate...

Brittany Hively, executive editor, in Parthenon newsroom with a print edition of the paper.

Explore: This is your time

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor June 14, 2021

One thing we often do not realize is that college is a privilege. Not everyone who dreams about furthering their education has the opportunity, for various reasons. I was one of those students. Due...

Bunton in spring 2019 after orientation event (left) and summer 2021 (right) one semester left before graduation.

5 impactful tips for your successful college career

Xena Bunton, Managing Editor June 1, 2021

As someone who is graduating with my bachelors almost 2 years early—I know that college goes by quickly. And it will go fast for you even if you have 4 years or more! You already know how fast high...

Marshall University President Jerry Gilbert

Welcome to the family

Jerome Gilbert June 1, 2021

Welcome to Marshall University. As president, I am very honored you have made the decision to become a member of the Marshall FAMILY. What I love most about working at a university are the students. ...

Get Involved and Explore: Editor’s Picks

If you love art and supporting small business, The Red Caboose is your place to visit! Not only is the staff the best, but there is a huge variety of amazing artisan finds. They have everything...

And now, my watch has ended

And now, my watch has ended

Grant Goodrich, Sports Editor April 20, 2021

As my time at Marshall and the Parthenon winds to a conclusion, I cannot help but feel like I was just getting started. At the same time, I am ready for the next step of my life’s journey.   I...

Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

Emma Berry, Copy Editor April 20, 2021

As my time at Marshall comes to a close and I am forced to reminisce on the time I have spent here — during very formative years of my life. It is crazy to think this is the last Parthenon edition that...

Dear Parthenon is an advice column where readers send in their questions.

Dear Parthenon

Xena Bunton and Carter Truman April 13, 2021

Dear Parthenon is an advice column where editors, Xena Bunton and Carter Truman, answer anonymous questions about life, college and discuss opinions or pop culture. You can send questions through social...



April 6, 2021

Samwise is the most loyal companion to his owner and friends. He has the most energy and spends his days daydreaming of chasing squirrels in the forest. Sam is a big momma’s boy and greets everyone with...

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