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Marshall University's Student Newspaper

The Parthenon

Marshall University's Student Newspaper

The Parthenon


The Parthenon, Marshall University’s student newspaper, is published in print by students on Wednesdays, with content added online daily during the regular semester and weekly during the summer. The editorial staff is responsible for all news and editorial content. 


109 Communications Building, Marshall University

One John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV 25755

[email protected]


Evan Green – Executive Editor | [email protected]

Matthew Schaffer – Managing Editor | [email protected]

Sarah Davis – News Editor | [email protected]

Joseph DiCristofaro – Sports Editor | [email protected]

Victoria Ware – Opinions & Culture Editor | [email protected]

Abigail Cutlip – Photo and Graphics Editor | [email protected]

Rafael Alfonso – Content Editor | [email protected]

Scott Price – Chief Copy Editor | [email protected]

Baylee Parsons – Copy Editor | [email protected]

Luke Jeffrey – Social Media Manager | [email protected]

Sandy York – Faculty Adviser | [email protected]



Factual errors appearing in The Parthenon should be reported to the editor immediately following publication. Corrections the editor deems necessary will be printed or fixed online as soon as possible following the error. Corrections will be explained at the bottom of the article online with the error and printed on page 8 of the weekly paper.


Quotations – Everything within a quotation should be the direct words of the person who said them. If a quote uses improper grammar, it should be paraphrased and not “cleaned up.” The writer should, of course, omit extraneous syllables like “um” and may judiciously delete false starts. In every case, the writer and editor must both be satisfied that the intent of the subject has been preserved.

Corrections – The Parthenon should be quick to make factual corrections when necessary, and when reported should be investigated and corrected immediately when deemed necessary by both a reporter and editor.
Anonymous Sources – The use of unidentified sources is reserved for situations in which the newspaper could not otherwise print information it considers newsworthy and reliable. When possible, the reporter and editor should discuss any promise of anonymity before it is made, or before the reporting begins on a story that may result in such a commitment.

Conflicts of Interest – All staff members must be vigilant in avoiding the appearance of a conflict of interest. Any potential for an apparent conflict of interests must discuss the situation with the Executive Editor and Faculty Adviser. In some cases, disclosure is enough, but if the problem is considered serious the staff member may have to withdraw from certain areas of coverage. In all cases, The Parthenon depends on staff members to disclose potential problems in a timely fashion so that we can work together to prevent embarrassment for staff members and The Partheon. Employees of The Parthenon are entitled to their personal opinion on national and campus issues, however, it is highly discouraged to publicly campaign or promote these issues – on social media or in dealings with those outside of close friends and family. Doing so can damage the impartiality of The Parthenon and may require reassignment to a different beat or recusal from coverage of certain issues.

Fairness and Impartiality – All writers for The Parthenon should present facts with impartiality and neutrality, presenting other viewpoints and sides to a story when they exist.

Confidentiality of Non-Public Information – Staff members of The Parthenon may have knowledge of information not yet public. Disclosure of this information is not permitted among non-staff members. Any ongoing investigations are confidential and publishing or sharing this information is not permitted.

Gifts – Staff members should not accept gifts from any organization, campus or otherwise, that has been or may be covered by The Parthenon, with the exception of trinkets of nominal value of less than $25. Staff members may accept any gifts or discounts available to the general public.

Using Press Pass – Press passes and other Parthenon-related identification should only be used for official business purposes. Staff should not use their association with The Parthenon for any status, offerings or special treatment they would receive otherwise.

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