Marshall’s Theatre Department Presents ‘The Odd Couple’

The Joan C. Edwards Playhouse is introduced a show called ‘The Odd Couple’ to students and guests last week until Saturday, Oct. 9. 

“The play is considered to be one of the great contemporary comedies of the American Theatre,” Jack Colclough, the director of the play, said. 

“The play opened in 1965 and featured Walter Matthau and Art Carney.  A film featuring Matthau and Jack Lemon followed shortly thereafter, and a TV series with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall came along in the 1970s.” 

The production featured Jeremy Wright as Oscar and Jimi Lawson as Felix. 

“I am a theater student, working to get my Bachelors in theater performance,” said Jimi Lawson, one of the actors in the production. 

“I wanted to act in this show for a number of reasons; it’s a comedy and I love a good comedy, this show also focuses in on relationships, both the former marriages of Oscar and Felix but also the interpersonal relationships with each other.” 

This was the first live production since the pandemic started last year. 

“It’s an absolute joy to be in front of a live audience again. Their reactions and their energy help fuel comedies like this one. To perform on such an amazingly decorated stage, work with a phenomenal crew, and hear them laugh along with the audience is an irreplaceable experience,” said Jeremy Wright, one of the actors in the production. 

Each performance started at 7:30 p.m.

Students gained admission with a student ID for free and general admission was $25. 

The audience was required to wear a mask at all times. 

“We had a robust student audience last night who seemed to enjoy the show quite a bit,” said Colclough. 

The Playhouse is preparing a full season of shows for the rest of the 21-22 year like Decision Height, Postmorteum and Other Lifeforms. 

For more information on this play or others coming up, visit the School of Theatre and Dance on the Marshall University website.

You can also contact the director at [email protected].