Get Involved and Explore: Editor’s Picks

If you love art and supporting small business, The Red Caboose is your place to visit! Not only is the staff the best, but there is a huge variety of amazing artisan finds. They have everything from books, art pieces, soaps, STICKERS and more!

I have become a huge art junkie, so I also have to recommend The Huntington Museum of Art. They have so many amazing exhibits and a conservatory with beautiful plants and a gorgeous Dale Chihuly piece.

Not only is this a great place to check out, they also have a walking trail and work hard to keep new exhibits coming. Also great for kids, they have an area with fun activities for them.

Brittany Hively, Executive Editor.


If you have a car on campus, I highly recommend you to try Tortilla Factory in Barboursville at least once. It is fun experience with unique dinner choices compared to your regular Mexican restaurant. It is more pricey—but it is worth getting one of the Mocajetes. If you pick one of the four, you will feel like you are being celebrated (And that’s the best, isn’t it?) The meal is served in a volcanic stone pot with yummy goodness and even some cooked cactus.

I am going to admit it—I am cheap. Super cheap. But I love to find the adventure out of everything, so the past few weeks in the last spring semester I decided to go to a new Huntington park every weekend. It was fun to explore (and get lost) in Huntington, relax at the park and even spend some time studying for finals. I am a huge advocate for studying in new locations—it makes everything more exciting. This adventure is easy too because Huntington provides over 10 parks that you can check out at GHPRD. org.

Xena Bunton, Managing Editor.


My favorite thing to do is to check out what the local art scene is doing. Usually I look at the events page on Facebook or see what’s the buzz on Twitter, but there are also always flyers on campus! Taps and Black Sheep have stand-up comedy sometimes, and I also enjoy local theatre and live music! Huntington is a vibrant city, go out and explore!

My favorite place to eat is Le Bistro! It’s nice to go for lunch or dinner, and definitely a good excuse to dress up and have a change from the normal cam- pus dining options. The atmosphere inside is very hipster and they also play great music. The menu changes often as well, so there is always something new to try!

Isabella Robinson, News Editor.


My favorite local food place is Griffith and Feil in Kenova. They can make all kinds of milkshake flavors and flavored sodas. The Blueberry Sprite and Toasted Marshmallow Rootbeer are the best.

My favorite local shop is the Village Renew- All Antique Mall in the Old Central City by The Ramp. They have all kinds of small thrift shops within the big store, like my personal favorite, The Local.

Abby Hanlon, Campus Editor.