Parthenon File Photo

1970 Football Team Photo

Each print publication, The Parthenon sports staff chooses a Marshall University athlete worthy of receiving the title of “Athlete of the Week.” While this recognition is almost always awarded to a player with outstanding performance in their sport, the recipient also displays what it means to be a part of the Herd. Each recipient represents their team, athletics and the university. While we know that not all 75 people killed in the Nov. 14, 1970 plane crash were athletes at Marshall, we as a staff would like to honor each of the victims by naming them “Athletes of the Week.” Those who lost their lives 49 years ago were members of the Herd family and continue to bring the university community together in their honor. Today and forever, we remember.

In Memory:

Capt. Frank Abbott

James Adams

Mark Andrews

Charles Arnold

Rachel Arnold

Mike Blake

Dennis Blevins

Willie Bluford

Donald Booth

Deke Brackett

Larry Brown

Tom Brown

Al Carelli Jr.

Dr. Joseph Chambers

Margaret Chambers

Roger Childers

Stuart Cottrell

Rick Dardinger

David DeBord

Danny Deese

Gary George

Kevin Gilmore

Dave Griffith

Dr. Ray Hagley

Shirley Hagley

Art Harris

Art Harris Jr.

Bob Harris

E. O. Heath

Elaine Heath

Bob Hill

Joe Hood

Tom Howard

James Jarrell

Cynthia Jarrell

Ken Jones

Charles Kautz

Marcelo Lajterman

Richard Lech

Frank Loria

Gene Morehouse

Jim Moss

Barry Nash

Jeff Nathan

Pat Norrell

Dr. Brian O’Connor

James Patterson

Charlene Poat

Michael Prestera

Dr. Glenn Preston

Phyllis Preston

Dr. H. D. Proctor

Courtney Proctor

Murrill Ralsten

Helen Ralsten

Scotty Reese

Jack Repasy

Larry Sanders

Al Saylor

Jim Schroer

Art Shannon

Ted Shoebridge

Allen Skeens

Jerry Smith

Jerry Stainback

Donald Tackett

Rick Tolley

Bob Van Horn

Roger Vanover

Patricia Vaught

Parker Ward

Norman Whisman

Fred Wilson

John Young

Tom Zborill