SGA Proposes Wi-Fi Improvements Across Campus

Emma Johnson, Student Reporter

Students could look forward to having more Wi-Fi access when outside under a new proposal by the Student Government Association. 

“Marshall University [Wi-Fi] does not currently reach all outdoor spaces on campus,” apprentice senator Skyler Elliot said. “So, it is difficult for students to complete schoolwork without a personal hotspot, which all students may not have access to.” 

This proposal supports the idea that Wi-Fi should be expanded to all outside areas that are popular places for students to gather on warm days so they can complete schoolwork while being outside. 

“Students may want to sit outside when it’s nice and work on schoolwork, so it would be great to have as strong Wi-Fi signal as we have in the student center everywhere on campus,” senator Rachel Pauley said. 

Students have also shown their support for this proposal since it would allow them to complete schoolwork when they need fresh air or just want to enjoy the sun while being productive. 

“I think this is a great idea because there have been times where I have wanted to study outside but in some places the Wi-Fi connection is bad, and the places outside where the Wi-Fi does reach tend to be crowded,” sophomore Jaden Keith said. 

“I think expanding the Wi-Fi on campus is a great idea,” sophomore Alana Ortega said. “Especially places like the lawns where it’s nice to sit outside and get homework done on a warm day.”

While expanding the Wi-Fi to the lawns on campus is just a proposal, many students have shown their support for this proposal and hope to see it happen in the near future.