Kim Stephens Named New Women’s Basketball Coach


Courtesy of HerdZone

Luke Hamilton, Student Reporter

Marshall held a press conference on Monday, March 27, to introduce the newly hired women’s basketball coach, Kim Stephens. This hire makes Stephens the eighth head coach in program history.

Coach Stephens led the Glenville State Pioneers to a Division two national championship win last year along with taking them to the quarter finals this year.

Marshall was led by coach Tony Kemper for the last six seasons. Kemper resigned shortly after the season ended and took a job at Central Arkansas after leading the Herd to an overall record of 79-90.

Stephens is a Parkersburg, West Virginia, native and claims that she always wanted to coach basketball like her father once did. Stephens also has siblings who coach in the sport as well.

“Choosing who leads our programs is one of the most important decisions you can make,” President Brad Smith said before introducing Marshall’s athletic director Christian Spears. 

Spears described the Stephens’ traits and said, “She develops a relationship with her student athletes that you know is sincere.”     

Spears had no doubt in his mind that Stephens was the right fit for the job when they met over dinner before the hire. “I met with the team this morning, and I think we’re all just really excited to get to work and chase our first Sun Belt Championship,” Stephens said after being introduced by Spears.

Stephens kept it short and sweet after she said, “I hate to break it to you, I’m significantly better on the court than behind the podium.” She has proven that she is better on the court after finishing with a record of 68 and four in her last two seasons.   Coach Stephens made it clear that success in the program is about the team as a whole after asking the Herd roster to stand up. 

Marshall has some of the most talented players according to statistics in the Sun Belt Conference with Roshala Scott finishing the season at fifth in the conference for scoring and point guard Abby Beeman averaging the second most assists and placing 14 th in rebounds. With the addition of coach Stephens, Marshall fans can expect a different look on the court for the remainder of her seven year contract.