Campus Christian Center Hosts Lunch For A Buck

Bex Law, Student Reporter

Once a month, students can go to the Campus Christian Center to connect, take a break and have a home cooked meal for $1 at the Lunch For A Buck events.

“We want students to get plugged in, and we want local churches to invest in students,” said Tatum Ferris, Campus Christian Center’s office administrator.

Lunch For A Buck is a monthly event where a local church will bring boxed lunches made by church members and sell them for $1 as a fundraiser for the Campus Christian Center, which is a non-profit.

Ferris said the events are open to everyone, although advertised primarily to students. Ferris also said
the church sponsoring the lunch will often bring a few members, and they will often host a lot of faculty and staff from the College of Education since the Education Building is across the street.

“It’s mutually beneficial for students and the community,” Ferris said. “The students can come and take a break, the community can network and participate in fellowship with students and staff, and the money we raise helps serve the building.”

Ferris went on to say that since the COVID-19 pandemic, attendance of Lunch For A Buck has slimmed down remarkably. After stopping the event, it has been challenging to “get everyone on the same page that it’s happening again,” Ferris said.

Ferris also said it is important to know that Lunch For A Buck is not just for students who attend the organizations hosted in the Campus Christian Center.

“All students – regardless of religious status or point of view – anyone is always welcome to come in and have a snack, have a break,” Ferris said.

Remaining spring 2023 semester dates for the event are Feb. 28, sponsored by First United Methodist Church; Mar. 28, sponsored by Fifth Avenue Baptist Church and Apr. 11, sponsored by Pearidge Baptist

For more information regarding sponsorship or participation, contact Ferris at campuschristiancenter@gmail.