The “Mandi-Ball” Hopes to Engage Students and Alumni

Bex Law, Student Reporter

The inaugural “Mandi-Ball,” a play on the word “mandible,” will be hosted by the Department of Communication Disorders to spark interest engagement between students and alumni. The event will feature heavy hor-d’oeuvres, cocktails, dancing and trivia  at the Brad D. Smith Foundation Hall on Saturday, Feb. 4 from 6 to 10 p.m.

Through this event, the department hopes to raise money to increase student scholarships. 

Networking is also a prime reason for the “Mandi-Ball,” giving current students, alumni and community members a chance to reconnect and reminisce while helping establish the next generation of speech pathologists for success while receiving their education.

The prestigious program boasts a 100% rate of graduates passing the National Praxis Exam for each of the past five years.  Such accomplishments, however, come at some financial burden to students, Pam Holland, department chair and graduate program director, said.

“While the cost of a graduate degree at Marshall University is affordable, our students still leave with debt that often takes years to eliminate,” Holland said. “If we can assist in just a small way, we have made a difference.” Those interested in the event can contact Holland by e-mailing [email protected] to purchase tickets or establishing a sponsorship.