Upcoming Green and White Day Helps Prospective Students Make an Informed Decision About College


A picture of Green and White day from Feb. 16, 2022

Abigail Cutlip, Student Reporter

Prospective Marshall students will have the opportunity to learn more about what campus has to offer during the upcoming Green and White Day on Feb. 4.

“They’re going to see campus, they’re going to see dorm rooms, they’ll get to go inside the academic buildings, they get to go inside the library, they’ll get to eat on campus,” Buffy Six, a special events coordinator for the university said. “We pretty much give them a full college experience in a day.”

Not only will they get to experience academics, prospective students will get to see how involved the Marshall community is with each other.

“Green and White Day is an exciting opportunity for prospective students and their families to experience the energy and passion of the Marshall community,” Dr. Avi Mukherjee, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs, said.

The decision on where to attend college may be daunting for some, but they said Green and White Day can be used for students to make a well-informed decision.

“Showing just how many people from the university come out and how many different departments and how many different programs come out also shows that we do care about everyone, and we want everyone to learn about Marshall, and we want everyone to be able to make an educated decision on where they’re gonna go to college,” Six said.

Traveling from multiple states, some prospective students travel far to attend these events.

“We have people that come from Florida,” Six said. “They’ll literally fly up here to come to Green and White Day.”

Additionally, students and their organizations also participate in Green and White Day.

“Twenty-two student organizations signed up to come,” Six said. “We’ve got Greek Life; the fencing club is gonna come and do even a demonstration, which will be really cool.”

Green and White Day is “a lot of fun,” according to Six. “I think everyone who’s been to a Green and White Day can speak that it is a good time, and they do enjoy it, and they learn a lot about Marshall.”

The next Green and White day following Feb. 4 will be on Apr. 1.