Color Me Well Enters Week 4 with New Activities

Zach Highlander, Student Reporter

A drawing of armor that protects the participants from stress is this week’s activity for “Color Me Well”. The group participants can identify their coping skills and things that help them reduce stress. 

Each week built upon the next. In the first week the group discussed where they felt stress in the body; the next week they looked at how much of their week was taken up by stress. Then, last week, they looked at what their stressors were. 

Now, this week, they will look at coping skills.Students can expect to engage in an art-based activity that works for any skill level and then have the opportunity to discuss how stress and anxiety impacts their life. The benefit of group counseling is that it helps normalize what people go through and helps them to gain support and learn from each other. 

The “Color Me Well” event is an art therapy group with the intention of helping students de-stress and enjoy the activities of art therapy. It is hosted in East Hall room 115 from 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

It is a five-week program in which the students who participate start with an art-based activity and then follow that by a group discussion. The event has a wide variety of creative methods to experiment with from paints, pencils, markers and more ways to be creative and make art. No prior experience of art therapy is needed.