Garden Therapy Puts Students at Ease

Andrew Corliss, Reporter

The Marshall Greenhouse opened its doors to offer students a variety of relaxing gardening activities for Valentine’s Day.

On Monday, students planted seeds for the student garden, painted flowerpots and took potted plants home with them to beat the Valentine’s Day blues.

The seeds they planted will grow into herbs and vegetables to be sold later on campus market days.

“There’s microorganisms in the soil that keep you healthy. They give you a euphoric feeling and kinda just make you happy,” said lead gardener Angela Kargul.

Vikki Mitchell, a worker for the Sustainability Department, emphasized the health benefits of working with nature and the outdoors.
“There are nutrients and minerals in the soil that are good for your body that help your immune system,” Mitchell said. “I’ve been doing this work for 25 years, and I hardly get sick. I think a lot of my immunity is because I’ve been in the dirt for years.”

Mitchell also said the Greenhouse is always looking for new volunteers to help with a variety of projects.

“We always accept volunteers. If you wanna come in and play in the dirt or help in the garden, come on over,” she said. “We always look for extra help.”