Culture Storm hits Black Sheep


Ryan Fischer

Community artists vend their crafts on the second story of Black Sheep during Culture Shock on Feb. 21, 2016.


Local artists showed off their individual talent at Huntington’s second Culture Storm on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016 at Black Sheep Burritos and Brew.

The event gave artists a chance to vend their goods to a local audience, similar to the art-rotunda that traditionally lies outside the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

“I think its beneficial that everybody can come together and kinda see what everybody else does and support each other,” said Cyndi MacFuller, an artist vending at Culture Storm.

The first Culture Storm was hosted at The Lantern on November 8, 2015 similarly featuring an art for sale setup.

The second incarnation did not heavily feature performing arts, like fire breather Cory Hughes, due to the enclosed, compact venue, although a DJ was set up to provide beats for the evening.

Artist Courtney White said her trip to Culture Storm’s vending venue was the most successful out of the three trips her business The Golden Ram, had made to events like these.

“It’s been the most successful monetary wise, I’ve sold the most stuff at this event,” White said.

While also bringing in money for the artists, the event is also a chance to bring artists together.

“Its really cool to finally see Huntington doing a thing where we all come together and support each other as an art,” White said.

White said she was anticipating another Culture Storm event in the upcoming two to three months, with rumors of live music, out of town guests and a unknown but different venue.

White also said to keep an eye out on Huntington’s west-end Art Factory for another coming event unrelated to the Culture Storm series.

The third incarnation of Culture Storm is expected to arise in April 2016.

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