DeadPhish Orchestra performs at V-Club

DeadPhish Orchestra stepped into Huntington’s limelight for the first time at the V-Club Thursday.

Vocalist and guitarist for DeadPhish Orchestra Paul Murin said the band normally embarks on small tours composed of three or four shows on the weekends. 

“We’re sort of weekend warriors about it at the moment,” Murin said.

Murin’s previous band, Phix, toured West Virginia as a part of a festival, but it was DeadPhish Orchestra’s first trip back to the area since reforming around 2009.

Murin helped found DeadPhish Orchestra with some friends from his previous cover band after seeking out their new keyboardist Ted Tilton.

“When Phish went on hiatus back in 2001, some friends and I started a Phish cover band called Phix that ended up touring for seven or eight years after that,” Murin said.

Phish returned to the main stage from hiatus around 2009 and soon after, Murin’s cover band ended touring.

Although the current setting has the band on the road, DeadPhish Orchestra frequently makes an appearance in its hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

“For me, personally, it’s just our of sheer love for both bands and their music.” Murin said. “As a guitar player, I just love Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio and even Bob Weir.”

The band focuses on performing a blend of music from Phish and The Grateful Dead, but DeadPhish Orchestra also gives their act a unique voice through improvisation.

“To us that’s the best part really, where we get to actually throw some of our own creativity into it, “ Murin said.

Improvised bits are highly reminiscent of Phish performances, which are credited with using original and unique compositions throughout arranged sets.

Murin said he most recently played in Warrenville, Pennsylvania with DeadPhish Orchestra, making the V-Club the second of four shows planned on their “mini-tour.”

DeadPhish Orchestra will be moving on to Ohio to finish the tour, with shows planned for Friday in Colombus, Ohio and Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio.

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