Music Alive: Lieder Recital

Music Alive takes place at Presbyterian Church in Huntington.


Music Alive takes place at Presbyterian Church in Huntington.

The piano broke the silence as Oliver Worthington’s baritone voice captured the attention of each audience member as Music Alive: Lieder Recital began.

Pianist, Johan Botes accompanied Worthington with a melody that fillled the chapel walls with a sense of peace.

The power behind the words Worthington sang were not only heard, but felt as the recital continued with a piece by Richard Strauss called “Freed.”

“It’s hard because it’s just an incredibly intense emotionally as much as it is hard technically,” Worthington said while referring to the song.

The crowd sat in amazement, as this form of art from the 20th century was unveiled before their eyes in the form of music.

As the final note of the song faded out the duo was then ready to start again with another piece that brought a different sound to the stage.

“The last of the Strauss songs we’re singing is about as completely different a mood as you can get. This is ‘Secret Invitation,’” Worthington said.

Suddenly, the tune changed as Botes switched to an upbeat key, consisting of passion and a joyous tempo.

The rest of the afternoon proceeded with the beginning of each song captivating the audience’s attention and the ending bringing the audience to their feet with applause.

The last sounds of the piano and the last note of Worthington’s voice joined as one to draw a conclusion to Music Alive: Lieder Recital.


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