Army Old Guard historical trumpets and flutes performing on campus

The United States Army Old Guard Historical Trumpets and Flutes will perform at 7:30 p.m. today at the Smith Recital Hall on Marshall University’s campus.

Marshall alumnae, Master Sergeant Lutricia Tampa Fields, will be the group leader for the evening of the performance and Staff Sergeant Deanna Bertsche Hamm, will be performing using a Baroque flute.

Professor of Music, Wendell Dobbs, said he looks forward to having the historical group in Huntington for a free performance.

“It’s an enormous honor to have this world-renowned group on our campus to perform their exciting music,” Dobbs said. “It’s a particular privilege to have back home two of our most extraordinary graduates from our music program.”

The program will feature various instruments inspired by 18th century models. Marshall’s music faculty and students are set to accompany the group in playing two songs from the ensemble. Violinist and conductor, Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, will lead the group affiliated with Marshall.

“It’s always very exciting to come back home because West Virginia is my home.””

— Master Sergeant Lutricia Tampa Fields

The first piece of the performance will include flutist, Antonio Vivaldi and second flutist, J.S. Bach’s “Third Orchestral Suite”.

Fields said she is eager to be back to her alma mater and to visit with her former teachers and colleagues.

“Having been a service member for 15 years and bringing that life experience back to the university where I studied music, where it all began, if you will, it really is an honor and very exciting,” Fields said. “It’s always very exciting to come back home because West Virginia is my home.”

The U.S. Army Old Guard has been helping the community via educational outreach. The group often times will provide clinics at schools and universities across the country.

The ensemble has performed at big venues such as the International Trumpet Guild Conference, the National Flute Association National Convention, the Pentagon and the Department of State.

The John Deaver Drinko Academy sponsors the event.

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