Faculty to present “Flute Stories” Wednesday

The “Flute Stories” Faculty Recital will begin at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Smith Recital Hall.

Flutist Wendell Dobbs, pianist Johan Botes and violinist Elizabeth Reed Smith are three of the faculty members putting on the show.

Dobbs said he was excited for the performance and especially anticipates getting to play one particular piece.

“Honestly, I like the ‘Medailles Antiques’ because it’s new for all of us, none of us have played it and it gives me a chance to perform not only with Johan, but also with Elizabeth Reed Smith,” Dobbs said. “So this is a lovely opportunity.”

Philippe Gilbert’s “Medailles Antiques” will come second in the program after the trio performs Paul Taffanel’s “Fantasy on Der Freischutz.”

Dobbs said the musical arrangements in the show are more than just a melody; they actually have the ability to paint a picture in the audience’s mind.

“All of these pieces are pieces by flute players and they all tell a story or have some sort of extra musical reference,” Dobbs said.

One of the last compositions for the evening is from Katherine Hoover’s “Medieval Suite” that was inspired by Barbara Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror” and it won’t be Botes first time conquering the piece.

“I’ve played it with one of the students before, and so now it’s interesting for me to come back to it and to hear different things about the piece that I never heard when I played with one of the students,” Botes said. “There are elements of it that are really beginning to come to life.”

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