Kaitlyn Clay

Jazz Combo IV performs Tuesday in the Jomie Jazz Forum.

Jazz Combos II, III and IV performed two songs each Tuesday at the Marshall University Jomie Jazz Center Forum.

The night started with Combo IV consisting of Ryan Morgan, Jarren Jackson, Keith Burgess, Beau Cayton, Michael Wilcoxen, Austin Morgan, Alec Steiding and Jonathan Goff.

This combo was the only group to feature a violinist.

The combo performed “Gardens of Babylon” by Jean Luc Ponty and “Star Eyes” by Gene de Paul and Don Raye.

Combo III consisted of William Weikle, Lars Swanson, Jackson, Aaron Jarvis, John Seals, Tim Smith and Burgess.

This combo performed “Humpty Dumpty” by Chick Corea and “A Child is Born” by Thad Johnson.

The night ended with Combo II of Stephen Dorsey, Andrea Withee, Swanson, Burgess, Caleb Hardy and Brody Potter.

This combo performed “Cornbread” by Lee Morgan and “Sunny Side of the Street” by Stitt, Rollins, and Gillespie.

Withee said their group was really trying to push themselves with their music.

“We are trying to play our set all by ear, meaning we aren’t using sheet music,” Withee said. “We wanted to push ourselves and see if we could do it, and we did.”

The jazz combos are planning their schedule for next year and have plans to have a jazz performance every Wednesday for their audiences.

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