The YouTube Effect

Team Internet is taking over, one screen at a time.

Last month, people in Orlando could hear the echoes of screaming girls with cameras pulled up on their phones, waiting outside of hotel rooms.

When certain people walked out the door, the screaming girls had a sort of religious experience involving screams, selfies and tears.

While most would assume these fans are waiting for One Direction or Adam Levine, it is actually Internet celebrities who they were anticipated.

The event was called Playlist Live and it is one of the few events that stimulate teenagers to attend conferences and lectures featuring their favorite YouTube stars.

Connor Franta, a YouTuber with more than 4 million subscribers, has a strong impact in the YouTube community and attends these events.

Franta is a YouTube vlogger, Internet personality, philanthropist, author and entrepreneur.

Franta was formerly a member of YouTube group “Our2ndLife” under the Fullscreen Network, but is now an independent member of the Big Frame network, managed by Andrew Graham.

Franta said it was a little strange opening up his life online when he first started.

I’m normally not a very open person and like to keep to myself, so it was initially a weird and scary feeling,” Franta said. “More often than not, I love to share my life with anyone willing to listen, but over time I’ve definitely learned what I do and don’t want to have online.”

There is so much content being published online that it opens up a wide range for people wishing to pursue a career in YouTube. This fact also makes it hard to get noticed online.

Franta said it is really important to remain persistent and know it is not all about the views.

“It’s important to remember that every YouTuber starts off with zero subscribers and most audiences take years to grow,” Franta said. “Don’t get discouraged by the numbers, but be encouraged by how you feel about your content. If you enjoy what you’re putting onto the site, nothing else should matter.”

YouTube stars can find it hard to think of new material to put on the web.

Varieties of videos are posted in the forms of challenge videos, advice videos, or vlogging (videos following a creator’s everyday life).

Marshall student Ashley Sodosky said YouTube videos help her keep a positive attitude.

“The first person I subscribed to was Caspar Lee because his videos were funny and kept me interested, they were like a six minute TV show,” Sodosky said. “It’s a more personal interaction because they aren’t all that different from me, they just happen to make money doing what we would do because they put it on camera.”

Franta said it is important to find what you’re interested in and produce that content.

“Like any creative medium, you have to be open to trying new things and thinking outside the box,” Franta said. “It’s easy to take the route everyone else is taking, but it’s way more satisfying to pave your own path.”

Many YouTubers have their own merchandise, books, clothing lines, etc.

Louis Cole of FunForLouis has a clothing line called Find The Nomads because he travels the world in his daily vlogs.

Alfie Deyes of Pointless Blog has produced two bestselling books.

YouTube opens up a huge world for endless possibilities of opportunities for the creators.

Franta released a book called “A Work In Progess,” which will include stories about his life and will include a lot of his photography work he is recently getting into.

Franta said he cannot wait for his viewers to see what is coming up next for him.

“After working nearly a year on this project, I’m really excited to see what people think about it,” Franta said. “My favorite part of any project is sharing it with the world and getting their feedback. As for what’s next, you’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve fashioned many things in 2015 already, so who knows what’s next.”

Kaitlyn Clay can be contacted at [email protected].