Traveling reed duo stops at Marshall


Kaitlyn Clay

The Post-Haste Reed Duo of Sean Fredenburg. left, and Javier Rodriguez performs Monday at the Jomie Jazz Center.

The Post-Haste Reed Duo of Sean Fredenburg on the saxophone and Javier Rodriguez on the bassoon took place Monday at the Marshall University Jomie Jazz Center.

The duo came together in 2009 touring colleges and universities across the U.S.

They have performed and presented master classes in woodwind performance, chamber music and entrepreneurship.

The performance included a piece written with the duo in mind called “Soundscapes” by Michael Johanson.

Fredenburg described the reasoning behind the writing of this piece as a description of the heart of their home in Portland, Oregon.

“‘Snowscapes’ that is the second part of ‘Soundscapes’ is basically about this past winter when Portland finally experienced winter,” Fredenburg said. “We have two snow plows in our entire county, so that song really captures the bleakness and isolation everyone went through.”

Caleb Hardy, a music student at Marshall, said it was great to hear this style of music because it is not something he is used to.

“I don’t play this kind of music, I prefer a more jazz style,” Hardy said. “It’s cool to hear a different approach to music because I play and listen to jazz constantly.”

The Post-Haste Duo presents concerts in the Portland metro area with a specific emphasis on social outreach and education.

Rodriguez said playing with a saxophonist is one of his favorite instruments to accompany him.

“I love the authentic elements that a bassoon and saxophone can create,” Rodriguez said. “It creates this almost sorcery nature to the room that I really enjoy.”

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