Alpha Kappa raises funds with first date auction

Marshall University’s Kappa Alpha Fraternity presented its first date auction Wednesday to raise money for the fraternity and its philanthropy.
A song cued each man in after the master of ceremonies introduced his best traits.
The fraternity raised $811 after auctioning off each date for 24 hours of spent with the men.
The highest bid of the night went to Dalton Jones who was worth $101 to the bidder.
Jones said he felt honored to be worth that much money.
“It feels excellent of course, to go for this much money,” Jones said. “No practice went into this for me it was all spur of the moment.”
Student Body President Duncan Waugaman gave the audience a chair dance after taking off his sports coat to woo the ladies. He was bought for $60.
Member of KA Ronald Bowen said this auction was for more than just a date.
“The money will be split between the chapter and our philanthropy, the Muscular Distrophy Association,” Bowen said. “We needed to raise some money for our national dues and thought this would be a good way to raise a decent amount of money.”
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