Students Work Together to Revive MESA After COVID-19

Matthew Schaffer, Student Reporter

After going into decline during COVID-19 the the Marshall Environmental Student Association (MESA) is being revived by students.

Devin Farmer and Alyssa Peyton, both seniors majoring in environmental science, as well as Anna Perella, a sophomore majoring in both microbiology and geology, were contacted by Professor Mindy Armstead about reforming the club after it failed due to pandemic restrictions.

“Finding our footing has been a little bit difficult,” Perella, vice-president and secretary of MESA, said. “Other clubs seem to have held their establishment over Covid.”

The goal of the club focuses on raising environmental awareness while introducing students who are interested in environmental sciences to concepts, fieldwork and advice that will aid them as they pursue their careers.

“I would like MESA to be a place where people in our major can go to get advice,” Farmer, president of MESA, said. “We want it to be a welcoming place.”

The club believes that as environmental awareness grows, an increase in the importance of environmental science will grow as well—an effect that Perella is already seeing. 

“There is an increasing number of environmental science majors and natural resource majors coming into Marshall,” Perella said. “That should provide us will a lot of prospective members.”

The club also offers students experience in the field through land assessments. These assessments allow students the opportunity to study the habitat, species, chemical balances and erosion of local environments.

These assessments are frequent occurrences in natural and environmental science careers, according to Farmer. 

“These assessments are conducted to benefit the environment itself or the land that a company owns,” he said. “Either way, we benefit the environment.”

While MESA focuses on the education and experiences that are often required in environmental science careers, they welcome students of all majors who want to be involved.

“We accept everybody and we’re very flexible,” Perella said. “Even if students aren’t in this or adjacent disciplines, we will find a way to make it possible to get involved.”

MESA hopes to host a trivia event in November to raise club awareness and allow students to get involved with the club. For more information on the trivia event or any future events, follow MESA on HerdLink.