Marshall’s Cyber Defense Club Sets its Sights on the National Cyber League

Matthew Schaffer, Student Reporter

Cracking codes and unraveling knotty puzzles is what it will take to win the day when the cyber defense club heads to a national competition later this month.


Ranked No. 20 out of 100 schools heading into the National Cyber League competition, which begins later this month, Marshall’s club hopes to continue its success in disciplines such as open-source intelligence, cryptography and password cracking, according to club president Ethan Endres.


“The club is not all about winning,”  Ethan Endres, president of the Marshall University cyber defense club and cyber forensics student, said.


“The end goal is to make us ready for when we graduate,” Endres said. “It gives us more hands-on practice for the number of jobs that are open in cyber defense. Now more than ever there is a demand for people who know cyber defense.”


“It gives students the opportunity to apply what you learn in class and apply it to competition,” Endres said.


However, you do not have to be in cyber forensics or computer information and security to get involved with the club and competition. You just have to be open to learning about cyber security and the skills that come with it.


“None of us started with a high level of knowledge about this, but you learn…everyone here is an open book,” Alisha Joseph, cyber defense club member, said. “People think you need qualifications to get involved.”


The club is open to all students who are interested and eager to learn about cyber security and its disciplines. The club offers alumni talks, presentations and education on a variety of cybersecurity skills.


“I joined a week or two ago; I got invited to join based on invested interest,” Soren Davis, sophomore, said. “Just by showing up and showing interest you can secure a spot.”


The club currently meets every Friday at 4 p.m. in the Engineering Building room 1232. For anyone interested in getting involved, visit the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club on