Marshall Catholic Newman Center Hosts Dinner for a Dollar Event

Abby Ayes, Photo and Graphics Contributor

At Marshall University’s Catholic Newman Center, Nick Chancey hopes to see some fresh faces at the center’s weekly Dinner for a Dollar event on Thursdays. 

“Dinner for a Dollar has been around for decades,” Chancey, the Newman center director and Catholic campus minister, said. “I started coming here as a student back in 2012, and Dinner for a Dollar is actually how I was introduced to the Newman Center.” 

Chancey went on to say that the Newman center tries to give students a place to come, take a break from the college’s fast-paced environment and meet new friendly faces. 

“Dinner for a Dollar is kind of at the heart of the Newman Center,” Chancey said. “We have Mass on Sundays at 4 p.m., and then Dinner for a Dollar on Thursdays at 6 p.m. We do other things around campus, but those are the two main events that the Newman Center hosts.”

 This past Thursday, assistant campus minister, Mary Clare, made a home cooked chicken cordon bleu casserole with various side dishes and desserts. 

“Traditionally, the campus minister cooks the dinners, but we all kind of work together and help each other with the dishes,” Chancey said. “We are the Catholic Campus ministry, but we encourage anyone to come that wants a home cooked meal that’s tired of making ramen in their dorm or needs a break from on-campus food options.”

The Catholic Newman Center is located across from Corbly Hall, in between the Welcome Center and the Brad D. Smith Foundation Hall. The Newman Center is welcome to all students, regardless of religious affiliation. 

“Everybody misses their families’ cooking at some point, and while we can’t give you your mom or dad’s dinner, we can come really close with these home cooked meals,” Chancey said. “If you want to get involved on campus and meet some new friends, this is really an ideal place to do that.” 

To find information about the weekly Dinner for a Dollar event or to stay connected with the Catholic Newman Center, follow @mucatholic on Instagram.