In Response to Two Shootings, Premier’s Liquor License Suspended

Tyler Spence, Executive Editor

Premier Pub and Grill, a popular bar among Marshall students on 4th Avenue, had its liquor license suspended by the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration Commissioner Fredric L. Wooten. This is in response to a recent shooting in the line to enter the bar where two people were shot and taken to the hospital on Mar. 26.

Another similar shooting occurred a week before the recent incident on Mar. 20 where another two people were shot, but the Huntington Police Department could not attribute the shooting to Premier. HPD has stated they believe these incidents may be retaliation-based shootings and indicated the shooters still remain at large.

This suspension is intended to help authorities continue their investigation and act as a “cooling off” period. The license could be revoked or reinstated depending on the investigation’s results.

The WVABC Commissioner stated Premier’s failure to act, failure to maintain control of the entry line and failure to operate as a club of good reputation all led to their decision to suspend its liquor license.

Premier recently changed ownership and began to refuse entry to anyone under 21, but the two recent shootings have overwhelmed efforts to improve the bar’s reputation.