First Green and White Day of the Year Takes Over Campus


A picture of Green and White day from Feb. 16, 2022

Megan Marie Gragg, Reporter

Several Marshall programs tried to recruit visiting high school students this past Friday at the university’s most recent Green and White day.

“We got to answer many questions and inform students and parents how our program works,” Layne Assif said, a Marshall junior majoring in exercise science. “We got to inform them what classes they will be taking if they were to join the program.”

Green and White Day at Marshall welcomes high school seniors and parents to tell them more about the university. All the different academic programs set up tables to answer any questions parents and students may have concerning the program. Clubs also set up tables

to inform students about the different events that happen during the academic school year.

In addition, Green and White Day allowed parents and students to meet with professors and take a campus tour.

“It was very busy here. We made sure the gates were unlocked for everyone to get in and out,” said one Rec Center employee. “It was not as big as the fall Green and W

hite Day, but there was still a good turnout.”

As with most events on campus and beyond, Covid has had its effects on the annual Green and White Day activities. For instance, for last week’s event, group could include no more than the registered participant and up to two guests.

Also, all visitors were required to wear a face covering, and maintain social distancing at all times, while on campus. Disposable mask were provided for those who forgot to bring their own facial covering.

Despite pandemic precautions, Green and White Day visitors also had opportunities to tour residence halls and learn about living on campus.

And for high school seniors preparing for graduation, the university had officials standing by to help with applications and registration.

This was the first Green and White Day event for this semester at Marshall University. The next Green and White Day will be April 2. More information can be found at