Marshall Libraries Launches New Book Club


Since COVID-19 began, people have been turning to clubs and activities to get them more involved.  

One such club is the new Book Club here at Marshall that is being created for the Spring Semester by Marshall Libraries and Online Learning. The new Club will be launched on February 2 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. and will be held via Microsoft Teams.  

In the first meeting, participants will choose a time and day that works best and vote on the types of books that they will read this semester.  

Meghan Sexton-Harness, a research and instruction graduate assistant, said the love of reading can be lost when you have all these other required reading assignments. 

“This is something I want to be fun and democratic, and I want it to be a place that revitalizes the love for reading. I want people to find new books and find that love again,” Sexton-Harness said.  

Sexton-Harness originally planned the Book Club to be held in the Drinko Atrium, because it is her favorite room in the library; but unfortunately, due to Omicron and COVID, the library requested it be put on Teams.  

“So, it’ll be on Teams until further notice, but hopefully—we’ve been saying it for years now—we’ll be able to be back in person again,” Sexton-Harness said.  

Students interested in joining the book club can access their Herd Happenings and scan the QR code to receive an invitation link. They can also find more information on Herd Link by filling out a form in exchange for the Microsoft Teams link.