Marshall Celebrates Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year was celebrated on Monday, January 31 by students and faculty at Marshall University. 

“This is great for others to get to know other cultures with different backgrounds “said Graduate Assistant Murat Solakogula.   

The Lunar New year, commonly referred to as the Chinese New Year is celebrated by many throughout the world. The Lunar New year is an important and festive holiday in Chinese culture. The New Year begins with the first new moon that is between the end of January and ends once the full moon arrives.  

“If domestic students meet the Chinese students and they want to learn Chinese or any other language that they’re interested in, this is a great opportunity for both of them to teach each other and it would be both professionally and culturally beneficial” said Solakogula.  

The Lunar New Year was the first event of many this semester hosted by the intercultural offices. The upcoming events at the new Intercultural Center will be open to all students and faculty so that they can attend and learn more about different cultures.