SGA Passes Resolution Regarding Pedestrian Safety

The Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution on Nov. 16 to support making the roads around Marshall University’s campus safer for pedestrians.

The resolution “Pedestrian Safety on Marshall University’s Main Campus,”was generated from concerns regarding the safety of Marshall’s pedestrians crossing the streets after two traffic incidents occurred this semester.

The resolution addresses both incidents: a professor who was struck by a vehicle crossing the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Hal Greer Boulevard and a student who was struck and killed by a vehicle while crossing 3rd Avenue.

Sydni Pierce, the SGA Senator who sponsored the resolution, said the resolution has been in development and has gone through significant changes in response to the recent accidents.

“We had received it as a concern from the student body,” Pierce said. “Since that tragedy, we’ve had to move forward and completely change our approach.”

Members of the SGA said this resolution serves only as a call to action that will endorse any changes to the traffic situations around campus made on behalf of the University’s faculty and other experts.

“As student government, we have the power to facilitate change on campus; however, this issue transcends into a Huntington city issue,” Pierce said.

Prior to the SGA decision, a similar bill passed through Marshall’s faculty senate, supporting the idea to collaborate with the engineering department and other road safety experts in finding the best way to combat these issues.