Students Invited to Relieve Stress Through Pumpkin Smash Event

Students relieved their frustrations this week by writing stressors on a pumpkin and smashing it with a mallet on Marshall University’s lawn for the second annual Pumpkin Smash, hosted by Housing and Residence Life. 

“Our goal for this event was to provide a fun activity for residents and students, but also give them a bit of stress relief from this semester,” said Michaela Arthur, area coordinator of Twin Towers West and Buskirk and organizer for this event.    

Since COVID, events have been postponed on campus due to safety precautions.

Housing and Residence Life ensured students followed safety guidelines during this event.  

“It’s been amazing to see an increase in turnout in events this year,” said Arthur. “Last year I know our residents felt isolated due to COVID, but we’re doing our best to make this year more interactive and engaging than ever. It makes me so happy to see my staff and my residents having fun, making friends in person, and getting involved in the residence halls and on campus.” 

“We are certainly happy to be able to do more in-person programming this year,” said Mistie Bibbee, director of Housing and Residence Life. “We know students are excited about attending events and activities as well,”  

This event was part of Housing and Residence Life’s Signature Events series. 

Future events include a Fall Cookie Crawl, Open Hall, Thunder on the Stage, Spring Cookie Crawl and End of Year Celebration. 

Including, while this is not a signature event, Housing and Residence Life, Twin Towers West Staff, and the Safe Space House will be hosting a Second Chance Prom on Dec. 4. 

For more information on any of these events, Housing and Residence Life can be contacted at 304-696-6765. Michaela Arthur’s email is [email protected].