Psychology Department to Host Depression Screening for Students and Staff

Marshall University’s Psychology Department will offer depression screening for students and community members Thursday, Oct. 7 on the fourth floor of Harris Hall in the Psychology Clinic from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. for National Depression Screening Day. 

The screening is free and requires no appointment.  

Marshall’s largest population of students are aged 18-22. 

This age group is a smaller section of the wider 18-29 age group that, according to the CDC in a 2019 study, was the most common age group for symptoms of depression at 21%.  

With a higher risk among college students, Isabella Gearhart, a Clinic Ga at the Psychology Clinic at Marshall, said, “I’m hoping people who previously haven’t sought treatment, are willingly take a second to try. This is a short little glimpse of getting help when things have been hard on people.”

Gearhart also said the screening is quick and easy.  

“People can come in and we will have a couple clinicians here that will be here specifically just for depression screening day,” Gearhart said. “It will take a very short amount of time, 5-10 minutes max, so it will be accessible for anyone in between classes.” 

 Penny Koontz, an associate professor in the psychology department and the director of the Psychology Clinic said, “If we conclude that there is some risk for depression or anything else, we might recommend having someone come back in and get additional assessment or have them speak with one of our therapists and see if there are additional concerns we may help with.”  

Koontz said the environment of the clinic is very welcoming to students who are interested. “We are very approachable, it a very non-threatening experience here in the clinic. All our therapists are advanced level graduate students that are supervised by our clinical faculty.”  

More information about the screening can be found by contacting the Psychology Clinic at (304) 696-2772.