Students Get Together to Talk about Hazing

Students gathered at the Student Memorial Center at 11 a.m. today to discuss the importance of hazing while watching a movie. 

“The event is centered around raising awareness to the trauma and damage hazing can bring,” said Mel Thomas, organizer of this event. “A film will be shown that depicts a scenario where hazing is taking place in an extreme manner and shows the effects it has on everyone involved.” 

Counselors and Marshall advisors joined this event to bring more awareness and discussion to the topic. 

“The showing of the film will also be supplemented with discussion from Marshall advisors and counselors to help digest and process things witnessed in the film and how to reach out to them when in need of assistance,” said Mel Thomas. 

This event was also lined up with National Hazing Prevention Week, which brings awareness to these problems and to promote prevention. 

Fraternity and Sorority Life has also received Title IX, bystander intervention, and emotional intelligence training. 

Students said they want more events like this around campus. 

Kittanna Mitchell, an alumni said, “I would defiantly love more events like this to happen around campus. If it would bring to light on these difficult topics, then I would love to see people get together and talk about them.” 

Elizabeth Fleace, a senior said, “I think hazing prevention is something that should be talked about more on campus. There are countless stories every year about tragedies that resulted from hazing. Events like this would help, let students become aware of it and help prevent it from happening.” 

More information on this event or for upcoming events can be found at the Fraternity & Sorority Life page on Marshall University’s website or email them at [email protected]