Mid-Autumn Festival to Celebrate International Holidays on Campus


Alaina Laster

Participants in Mid-Autumn Festival interact with various tables

Lanterns and snacks were free to students at today’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in East Hall. The event was planned through International Student affairs to celebrate holidays that are celebrated around the world. 

“The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very large holiday that is celebrated in a lot of Asian Countries. It’s probably the second largest holiday second, to the Lunar New Year,” said Jim Clagg, intercultural and international affairs coordinator.  

The celebration marks the end of the fall harvest and creates a beautiful event to give thanks to the gods. It has many traditions, according to sophomore student Jin Ling. 

“It is a time for our country to celebrate through activities, and eat dinner with our family,” said Jin Ling. 

The event on campus featured a build your own lantern activity and snacks. The decorations included fall leaves, stickers representing the end of the harvest and markers and paper for personal designs. Each student could create their own lantern and take it home with them to celebrate a new holiday and learn about a different culture.  

“What we wanted to do this because of all of the pandemic issues and all that our international students have been through for the past year. We wanted to bring something from home to them,” said Clagg.  

Many students heard about the event on Herd-link and came to learn about a new holiday. Shaz Been, a sophomore student, said she appreciates the effort the university is putting into hosting more events since the pandemic began last year.  

“It has been really hard for international students over the past year. They come here to study and make friends with the domestic students and have an American college experience, and no one has had an American college experience for the past year,” said Clagg. 

The office plans to host more events celebrating American and international holidays to increase students’ knowledge and appreciation for other cultures and give the international students a little piece of home while they are here.  

“It is a great opportunity to help all the domestic students on campus globalize their views and learn about other holidays in their culture as well,” said Clagg.  

Participants gather at Mid-Autumn festival
Participants gather at Mid-Autumn festival