Resident Halls use hard protocols due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, guidelines have been strict at Marshall, especially in the residence halls. While some protocols have become less strict for students this semester, new rules are also being enforced to ensure student safety. 

Last semester, daily health checks were mandatory, masks were to be worn at all times when leaving dorm rooms or entering buildings, making visitation limited to only students living in the same hall. Marshall IDs were required every time a student entered a residence hall.  

This semester, health checks are no longer necessary, but if students are not vaccinated or have chosen not to disclose their vaccination status, they are required to be tested occasionally throughout the semester. Administration will contact these students via email to inform them of these requirements.  

Visitation is now available for students to bring guests from on or off-campus. A maximum of three people may be checked in as guests. 

Masks are still strictly enforced after the requirement being temporarily lifted. Students tapping a Marshall ID when entering a room will ensure the right person is checking into the correct room. 

Residents, resident advisors, and desk assistants alike say this rule helps students rather than makes things difficult. 

Tabby Collins, a resident advisor for Twin Towers West said, “I actually like this rule being enforced. A lot of students can work around the old rule by just switching the sticker out with the building they are trying to get into and covering the picture with their hand if it was stolen. This way, it is a lot safer for the students and I can make sure something like that doesn’t happen.” 

Laura Hundley, a senior, said, “I think that the rule of having to tap your ID was difficult to upperclassman at first. Now, at this point, we have just grown so used to it since it has been a rule for so long. Honestly, I think it is better than the old rule, because people can’t commit sticker fraud and try to impersonate you.” 

Taylor Racer, a resident advisor and desk assistant for Buskirk Hall said, “I think it’s a good idea because it adds a layer of safety to the resident hall. It also lets us get to know the students better. Which is always a great thing!”