MU students brings life to art


Bree Black with art display. Courtesy Bree Black.

Bree Black is a senior Marshall University student and visual art major with an emphasis on ceramics and the president of the Marshall Keramos Clay Club. 

Black creates and sells her own artwork and said she enjoys making functional art like pottery. 

“I’m a ceramist, meaning I make art with clay that gets fired in a special kind of oven called a kiln, until it’s hard like your favorite coffee cup,” Black said. “I’m mostly interested in functional art like pottery, but I make sculptures sometimes, too. 

Black said she makes art related to her own experiences and childhood. 

I make a lot of very personal art about my day-to-day experiences as well as my past, especially my childhood in Appalachia,” Black said, I’m interested in using the functional pottery that I create as a surface for complex layering of illustrations, patterns, and colors that represent my ideas.” 

Black said she is inspired by Huntington’s goal to revive small businesses in downtown Huntington. 

“I’m from Huntington, and I’m so inspired by the city’s initiative to revive small business Downtown and in Old Central City,” Black said.  

Black said the coronavirus has given her some unexpected challenges. 

“Before COVID, I was getting ready to start assembling my home studio, but like a lot of folks I’ve had a couple minor setbacks in the last couple of months,” Black said. “During the pandemic, all production of pottery wheels halted. I couldn’t believe my terrible luck.” 

Black said her goal is to have her own brick and mortar small business. 

“The ultimate goal, whether it’s in Huntington or elsewhere, is to own my own brick and mortar small business that supports other local artisans and fosters community between artists & other small businesses,” Black said. 

Black said she will be graduating in the spring and her capstone will be on display at Marshall. 

My capstone will be exhibited in the Carol Art Gallery inside the Marshall Visual Arts Center,” Black said. “Scheck the exhibition calendar early next semester and come see what artists in your town are cooking up.” 

Black said her artwork can be found for sale on Instagram. 

“You can expect to see more work listed for sale on my Instagram and I currently have some commission slots for after the holidays,” Black said. “My direct messages are open.” 

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