Countdown to Commencement aims to prepare students for upcoming graduation

With graduation a little over two months away, Marshall University has multiple events aimed at seniors to help them prepare for the big day. 

“Sometimes we have issues where students get to graduation without realizing that there was a parking ticket they  didn’t pay, or they didn’t know where they were supposed to get their cap and gown. Before you know it, it’s too late to do any of these things,” said Michael Circle, Parent and Family Services specialist at Marshall. 

Circle said this week’s Countdown to Commencement event is one of those events seniors can use to make sure they are ready. 

“This is an opportunity for students who are graduating, both undergraduate and graduate students, to make sure they have all their ducks in a row, and they have everything taken care of,” Circle said.

The event provides students with services like the Bursar’s Office to ensure there are no student holds that would prevent them from graduating, as well as the Alumni Association encouraging students to join.  

Christian Corrado, a senior attending the event, said the event was beneficial for everyone. 

“We’re just going around trying to get the information for graduation and make sure everything is correct and that we’re ready to payback our loans,” Corrado said.

Other information relating to graduate degrees was provided by the Office of Career Education. Jennifer Brown, assistant director for Student Engagement and Marketing, said her biggest piece of advice for graduating seniors would be to take advantage of the resources on campus, particularly the Office of Career Education. 

“It’s important to come and see us,” Brown said. “That’s the biggest thing. Get in here, utilize JobTrax to see what positions are available.”

The Office of Career Education will have a number of events during March. Brown said these events can help students at any level prepare for their post-graduation career. Some of these events include the Job-A-Palooza on March 10 and the Career Expo on March 31. 

Brown said although graduating seniors are the students actively looking for jobs, the Office of Career Education has resources for all students, including freshmen. 

“If you want to get some experience, we have a job-shadowing program,” she said. “That’s an excellent way to get some hands-on experience and confirm you’re in the right major and seeing what other options are available.”

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected].