Upcoming class registration creates stress for students

Stress and frustration come and go in some students’ lives, and registering for classes is no exception to causing those emotions.

Beginning on Nov. 7, Honors College students can register for classes for the spring 2020 semester with the following days allowing seniors,  juniors, sophomores and then freshmen to begin registering.  

But while some students say this is an opportunity to look forward to a new chapter in life, others say this is one of the most stressful times of the academic year. 

“It can get pretty stressful,” sophomore Donald Hansbury said. “It gets more stressful as you progress in your academic career. As you start getting more into your major, watching classes close up and you’re not registered in it, that can be an experience.”

There can be some ways to manage to this stress. Talking about scheduling with an academic adviser or looking up the classes needed can help students with their scheduling, senior associate of the Office of the Registrar William Biggs said.  

“Students need to plan ahead and meet with their advisers,” Biggs said. “Do it about a week or two ahead of registration day. Students can also look at their Degree Works page to see what specific classes they need to take.”

The academic center, located in Corbly Hall 334, has academic advisers that offer advice to students, assist them in their choices for classes and make sure they stay on track with their graduation time.  

In addition to planning ahead, students can use academic planners or have alternate classes to help with the stress of registration.

“Have a list of seven or eight classes to take just in case classes are closed,” Biggs said. “That way, you have other alternatives to run to and you are not relying on just one schedule.”

If a class fills up that does not mean a student will not get that class, Bigg said. 

“Just because the class fills up, that does not mean you will not get in it,” Biggs said.  “Some students might drop the class, so there is always a chance the class will open back up.”

Due to students having to act fast when the clock strikes midnight on the night of registration, being mentally and physically ready for the night of registration is key, Hansbury said. 

“Get in the right mindset and get prepared,” Hansbury said. “Being ready to stay up late always helps. Get some snacks, some friends, some music to keep yourself going.”

In order to register for classes, students have to clear the holds on their account such as financial holds or adviser holds.  Students can clear holds by checking with their adviser or by paying off any finances that prohibit them from registering.

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