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Local bloke caters to fandoms with Etsy shop


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Brandon Mitchell, operator of Pins and Needles, uses a machine to make buttons.

Pop culture enthusiasts are usually left waiting on official merchandise for their favorite shows, movies or games to be released at the whim of their respective parent companies.

Custom ordering is something large companies tend to stray away from, but Brandon Mitchell, a local Huntington print maker, said bring on the custom orders. Mitchell runs Pins And Needles, a West Virginia company producing custom screen-printed merchandise including buttons, t-shirts, posters and beer koozies.

Mitchell founded Pins And Needles after realizing he often ordered merchandise on his own.

After some research, Mitchell said he began to print his own things.

“It takes some goal orientation, but you can order parts online,” Mitchell said. Customers can come to Mitchell with a design or an idea and he will work on producing their choice of merchandise.

Mitchell dabbles in graphic design work and Photoshop but he said he is no professional.

People interested in Mitchell’s buttons can also order from a variety of premade designs

These sets include everything from anime, horror movies or buttons featuring rappers such as Lil B The Based God.

Mitchell said he enjoys printing anything to do with activism.

“If it’s gender positive, queer positive or anything positive, I like it,” Mitchell said. Pins And Needles ships to West Virginia and surrounding areas but recently sent an order of 400 buttons to the United Kingdom.

Mitchell said he thinks some expansion could be happening very soon.

Mitchell is working on a website for the business this year, but for now, those interested can contact him through the Pins And Needles Etsy store.

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