Marshall student to release first album at The Press Club

Marshall University student Shelem Fadiga will release his first album, The Jaunts, during a show at 8 p.m., Sept. 22 at The Press Club. Food and drinks will be served, along with a wide range of music from rap, funk and rock with local bands The Heavy Hitters, Shenanagram and Massing performing.

Shelem Fadiga said he is excited for his album release after putting in so much hard work and dedication.

“I’m excited to perform some songs I have been holding onto for a year and to perform the single ‘Fuego’ because it’s been my biggest yet in terms of streaming numbers, so seeing how that translates with a crowd will be interesting,” Fadiga said. “And I’m excited to celebrate the release of the album I’ve been working so hard on for a year and a half.”

Shelem said when he deciding where to drop his album, choosing The Press Club as the venue was a no brainer.

“Press Club is the first venue I ever performed at outside of Marshall University events,” Fadiga said. “I also did my first headlining show there a year ago and had so many important milestones and good memories.”

Heath Holley, bartender and graphic artist at The Press Club, said he talked with Fadiga about releasing his album at The Press Club.

“I’ve been in Shelem’s corner ever since I first heard him a year or so ago,” Holley said. “He’s a great performer and puts out great music, and he gave me a lot of hope for beginning to cultivate a stronger hip hop/rap scene in Huntington. I hope that his album will give him the push he needs to get out in front of bigger audiences. It’ll be a sweet show.”

Francisco Garcia, Press Club employee, said he hopes many people will come out to hear the range of musical talent.

“I hope it brings a big crowd of Marshall students and outsiders to hear his music, due to the football game that day, because this is a nice, unique combination of music,” Garcia said.

Alan Brown, guitarist in the local band The Dividends, said Shelem opens up a new realm of music in Huntington.

“There’s not many other rap artists in the area,” Brown said. “Shelem’s making waves in his own route; he’s not following anyone else. It’s cool to have even more diversity in the Huntington music scene, there’s already a ton, but he adds another layer to it. Now it shows its finally paying off all the hard work he’s put into it.”

James Fox, owner of The Press Club, said the business would not be the same without having musical acts like Fadiga’s, and it creates a new experience for the town of Huntington.

“Having music here, is what makes The Press Club The Press Club, without it we would be a normal sandwich shop,” Fox said. “There will be a live band backing Shelem, instead of him just having tracks, which will be super groovy and fun. I predict people will be making love after this show.”

There will be a cover at the door for $5 and all ages are welcome.

Lillie Bodie can be contacted at [email protected].