Student Resource Center busts common myths about picking out the right college major

Alison Baldridge, Reporter

Mirek Bialk, major exploration consultant for Marshall University’s Student Resource Center, broke myths about college majors and their applicability in careers Wednesday at a “Major Myth Busters” event, which is the third of six workshops this semester in Room 2W19 of the Memorial Student Center.

“Major Myth Busters” is a workshop that demonstrates advice, tips and facts that will help students figure out whether the major they chose is the right one or help them realize it is the wrong one. It helped students realize that the major they chose can get multiple jobs instead of what they thought.

“It is not too late to pick a major and switch majors even if you’re deep into your current major,” Bialk said. “This is important to students that are not really sure of their career paths or if they don’t even have one. My presentation is basically asking if this career path is right for you, because we see students that take a certain career for the wrong reasons.”

Denny Daugherty, major exploration consultant, said he thinks students have misconceptions about their chosen major.

“Maybe they think they can do something with it that’s not what they thought, or sometimes they think their degree can only get them one job,” Daugherty said. “We see students have that obscure view, so the idea of this workshop is to set them straight and let them know what’s out there and how we can help work what’s best for them.”

The Student Resource Center has three more workshops this semester regarding time management, resume development and exam preparation and tips. Morning and afternoon sessions for the next Workshop Wednesday event is Nov. 15.

Daugherty said students that missed the workshop can visit the Student Resource Center during their open hours for guidance about their major, academic engagement plans, internships or other resources.

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