World Council discusses stereotypes, programs to spur campus change

Pamela Young, Reporter

The World Council met for its first time of the semester to welcome new members and returning students Thursday in the John Spotts Room.

The World Council is a student-driven organization designed to give students a voice to the concerns, ideas and experiences from students around the globe.
World Council members work collectively to develop programs and initiatives that foster awareness and exposes individuals to a variety of different cultures and backgrounds.

The members discussed topics regarding stereotypes and collaboratively organized programs to help make a change on campus.

Maurice Cooley, associate vice president of Intercultural Affairs and facilitator, said, “There are many things that I do here at the university, but this is one of the things that raises me up the most. I get so elated about the work that can originate from the members of World Council.”

He emphasized the importance of generating different ideas and perspectives in order to create inclusiveness, a safe-space and open-mindedness within communities.

“The concept of World Council is to generate the ideas, suggestions and thoughts from others to create learning experiences for everyone else in the Marshall and Huntington community,” Cooley said.

Reiko Miyakuni, M.A. said, “I really want to help increase the number of African American and minorities to attain a degree and make a change.”

Miyakuni expressed how important it is for the future to see and have minorities in professional fields within the workforce.

“I am hopeful that we can overcome these obstacles, stereotypes and division that have been created by the system,” Miyakuni said.

Miyakuni said she was hesitant to join the World Council, but gave it a try and remained optimistic.

“I’m really passionate about this…I can say that the potential of this council can become very affirming and inclusive, while still being able to learn from one another,” Miyakuni said.

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