INTO offers new driver’s license pogram

Pamela Young, Reporter

INTO hosted a driver’s license information session Sept. 6 from 6-7 p.m. in the INTO Center, which provided information and services necessary for any student that would like to obtain a West Virginia driver’s license. This session focused on the West Virginia state laws and policies only.

Kenneth Jones, the student engagement coordinator for INTO said, “INTO provides this service to international students to help them acclimate to U.S. customs and ways of living more easily.”

Jones explained the reason why INTO took the initiative to provide guidance to students while they apply to obtain a driver’s license.

“INTO feels this is important to the students because this is information that the students regularly ask for,” Jones said. “This program is done in the beginning of each semester for any new students that come to the university. With the students asking for this information, we wanted to provide an outlet for them to receive all the information and ask questions from someone who has basic knowledge of the DMV system and process.”

Gretel Toloza Alvarez, a Hispanic sophomore student said she still has to apply for her driver’s license, but she will apply soon.

“I think a program like this is important because students that come from different countries have driven and some haven’t,” Alvarez said. “It is important for those people to continue driving and the others to learn also.”

The INTO Center offers additional resources for students who missed the fall session, but the next session will not take place until the spring semester.

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