Baptist Campus Ministry hold first meeting of semester

Hunter Ellis, Reporter

Marshall University’s Campus Christian Center is home to many religious groups throughout campus, one of them, the Baptist Campus Ministry, had over 250 students attend their first meeting of the semester Wednesday evening.

During their meeting on Wednesday evenings they have praise, worship and bible study. They also have live music played by students in BCM.

For students who are unaware of what BCM is or what it does, Drew Mullins, former leadership member of BCM, explained it as “a place where there is a lot of community developed here and a lot of relationships formed.”

The whole group meets Wednesdays evenings, but they also offer smaller group meetings called “iTeams.” iTeams meet 10 times throughout the semester and they function as smaller fellowship groups with other BCM students.
BCM’s motto is “Changing lives that change the world.”

“We hope that as we teach the word of God here and that [students] take it out into the campus, into the city of Huntington and that there will just be this ripple effect of the gospel changing lives,” Mullins said.

BCM meets in the Campus Christian Center on Wednesdays at 9:15 p.m. For more information on BCM contact Rob Ely, director of student ministries at [email protected]

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