Brad Goodall jams out at Black Sheep


Will Izzo

Brad Goodall performs for the crowd at Black Sheep Thursday night.

Amongst sips of craft beer and burritos, musician Brad Goodall filled Black Sheep Burrito and Brews with sweet tunes Thursday night.

Many people will recognize Goodall from his other band Ona, but Goodall has been producing his own music for quite some time now.

“I play solo music because one single project will never satisfy every need,” Goodall said. “I think most musicians feel that way. Bands develop a sound and repertoire and are sometimes beholden to that. I continue to make solo music because its just fun and something I have complete control over too. Although collaboration is equally fun.”

Black Sheep has become a staple for many students. Not only do they feature local craft beers, but they also feature local artists weekly and offer a more intimate setting than some of the other venues in Huntington.

Marshall graduate and musician Daniel Miller said he loves the shows Black Sheep hosts.

“Culture is extremely important,” Miller said. “Events like these, especially events revolving the music scene, pulls people in. Shows like these create a very healthy and accepting environment for the arts.”

“Playing small shows is fun because its very personal,” Goodall said. “You can basically talk and play directly for people. There is usually little room separating the act and crowd. It’s just close and more intimate, which is a different experience than playing a large club or outdoor venue. A smaller vibe can create a different type of performance as well, which is nice.”

Miller said he views shows in smaller venues kind of like a ladder.

“Black Sheep is a staple for these events,” Miller said. “These shows are stepping stones. It’s a network; its building bigger steps for a bigger community.”

Goodall’s sound is reminiscent of the 80’s, but has that modern tinge. The music is fun and the chemistry Goodall shared with other performers was very natural. Goodall’s drive for music is apparent and it really shows in the music.

Goodall said he is always writing something and has a few different things in the works right now.

“I have been writing my next release diligently,” Goodall said. “I have eight unrecorded songs and Ona has been writing and demoing at the same time. I try to give my solo work and the work with them [Ona] equal attention, but it is hard.”

Goodall can be seen performing behind an electric piano, with a drummer and guitarist typically accompanying him. Goodall currently has two EP length projects and a single on his Bandcamp account.

“I pretty much had the concept of my next release ready and then I bought a Wulritzer 200a electric piano and it completely threw me for a loop and I have to recalibrate the songs a bit,” Goodall said. “I’ll be recording everything within the next eight weeks.”

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