Ona to bring brief rock n’ roll performance to campus


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Ona plays at Huntington Music and Arts Festival September 2015 in Ritter Park.

Marshall University’s Campus Activities Board will host an on-campus concert Thursday featuring local band Ona.

The concert will be on the Memorial Student Center plaza from 12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

“It’s almost going to be like a flash mob, if you would, but a flash band performance, where they set up, break down and performance for the students,” said CAB adviser Lee Tabor. “We saw this as a great opportunity to bring them on campus and maybe show of the students what they missed during the last FEST with them, but also create opportunity for Ona to create new fans within Marshall’s campus.”

Ona is an indie rock band consisting of five members from Cabell County, including Bradley Jenkins, Zach Johnston, Max Nolte, Zack Owens and Brad Goodall. The band has released three albums and performed at CAB’s FEST: 2.

On its Facebook fan page, Ona described its music as “pulses and buzzes and echoes and rolls,” with subjects regarding “longing, resentment, searching, and waiting.”

The concert will be free and available for all Marshall students and employees.

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