Heroes 4 Higher provides private movie screening to local children


Son Nguyen

John Buckland dresses as Batman prepares for the private screening next to his Hope Mobile.

About 40 families came to the Pullman Square Marquee Cinemas Saturday to watch a private screening of DC’s new movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Families with children struggling with various illnesses were invited by local charity organization, Heroes 4 Higher.

The event was a collaboration between Heroes 4 Higher and three other companies and organizations, including Golden Kidz, Scott-Sullivan, Inc. and Marquee Cinemas.

Families were greeted at the theater by Batman himself, played by Heroes 4 Higher founder and Huntington resident John Buckland.

Buckland said he has been working as a charitable superhero for about four years.

At the event, Buckland talked to children, signed shirts and invited the children to sign their names on a poster of the movie, which Buckland said will be put in his Batcave.

Buckland said he chose “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” because it is a special movie.

“So, the concept of the movie for me was a great platform to assemble kids of all disabilities, of all illnesses, together under one roof,” Buckland said. “Because you got all these families from different worlds with different illnesses, different struggles. Put them together under one roof and it will be an awesome moment, much like the movie: a bunch of people assembling to do and show the world how to be truly heroic.”

After the movie, Heroes 4 Higher staff members gave out comic books to participants. Children were also able to take photos with Buckland while sitting in his Hope Mobile.

Participant Tyler Romero,  who donned a Nightwing costume given to him by Buckland, got to ride home in the Hope Mobile with a police escort.

Participant Kerri Dennison said she is a  big Superman fan.

“I thought the movie was great, actually,” Dennison said.

Buckland said he think the event was a great success and enjoyed the movie.

“Basically, the whole thing was a misunderstanding, as it happens with grown-ups all the time, right? Buckland said. “But then, they were all forced to come together. Those were enemies who became friends and it was always because of someone in the middle not minding their business, you notice that? That is a lesson for all of us.”

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