“Keep Watch” album debuts at V-Club

A Story Told

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A Story Told

Charleston band A Story Told will debut their first album “Keep Watch” Saturday at the V-Club before continuing its tour in Ohio.

“We actually demoed out a ton of songs just to kind of find a sound that’s individual to us and kind of sets us apart,” vocalist Alex Chaney said. “We wanted to make something that’s original and that’s us.”

A Story Told will play its set with other locals No Pretty Pictures and Letters, as well as Pennsylvania’s Drop The Act, with the entire set running from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“We kind of wanted to have a release show as soon as students got back from spring break,” drummer Josh Allen said.

“Keep Watch” was released March 25 and has received positive reviews via social media.

“I still think our theme is about love lost and love had and kind of the highs and low of a relationship,” Chaney said. “When you listen to the album as a whole you kind of get that.”

The band started writing material in December 2014 and later spent around eight months in the studio recording material.

A Story Told’s last EP “What Got Me Here in the First Place” was released in 2014.

“We were able to go into the recording process with the songs already written, which is something we hadn’t done before,” Allen said.

Josh said although the process was “definitely grueling,” the band was happy with the outcome of their project.

“I think that initially the biggest stump for us was creating the different types of songs,” Chaney said. “There were groups of different sounds. Eventually we just had to stop writing and sort of pick what we wanted to do with the album.”

A Story Told will be in Dayton, Ohio next for a big show at the Rockstar Pro Arena Saturday, April 9.

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