SAE exchanges puppy snuggles for animal shelter support


Ryan Fischer

Fraternity members Matthew Adkins and Emily Doane help host SIgma Alpha Epsilon’s Rent-A-Puppy booth at the Memorial Student Center, March 30, 2016.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon teamed up with the Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter for students to “Rent a Puppy” Wednesday on the Memorial Student Center plaza.

Freshman dietetics major Logan Fugate volunteered to help rent out the puppies to students on campus. Fugate said the main goal of the fundraiser is for the puppies to get attention and hopefully find a home.

“We’re renting the dogs out to try to get the dogs and the puppies to go to a good home,” Fugate said. “All the money we raise is going right back to the animal shelter, so the animal shelter can buy supplies to better the dogs living conditions, food and dog toys.”

Fugate said the students love the puppies just as much as the puppies love the attention.

“Students love the dogs, because all the dogs we have are really nice dogs and they just want attention,” Fugate said. “We have had a lot of students ask where the shelter is and how they can go about adopting.”

Freshman international business major Brandon Well helped to set up the fundraiser and went to pick up the four puppies for the event Wednesday. Well said for the first time the frat held a “Rent a Puppy” fundraiser, it was successful.

“This is our first day of doing rent a puppy, but in two hours we’ve raised about $70,” Well said. “Students are really excited about it. Everyone seems really positive about the dogs and have a good time with them.”

Well said the animal shelter could use some help and the fraternity brothers are happy to help out.

“Conditions are not the best for the shelter,” Well said. “We’re trying to raise awareness for the Huntington Cabell-Wayne animal shelter and give some of these dogs attention. It is a great stress relief for students and hopefully these dogs will get adopted.”

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