Huntington community reacts to Sanders rally

Senator Bernie Sanders hosted a rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Tuesday evening, with more than 6,000 spectators in attendance.

The line to enter the rally began to form early Tuesday afternoon and wrapped around the block until  doors opened at 5:30 p.m.

People from all different walks of life and political views attended the rally.

Marshall University senior Hannah Howes said she is voting for Sanders in this election because she considers him the most consistent and trustworthy candidate.

“I’m backing Bernie in this election because I feel like he is the most honest and unswerving candidate,” Howes said. “Over the years Bernie has always held the same stances on issues that really matter. He was preaching the same message in the ‘80s and ‘90s that he does today and that’s really important to me.”

Howes said she was excited to meet people of the same political views, experience the energy of a Bernie Sanders rally and take part in this rare opportunity in her home state.

“West Virginia is not usually a place that serious presidential candidates visit,” Howes said.  “The fact that Bernie came to a small college town in West Virginia is really exciting because it shows that he cares about the little people too.”

Marshall freshman Jacob Miller attended the rally and said he can see why college students are drawn to the Democratic candidate.

“Bernie has a very energetic personality and he puts off a very young vibe even though he’s old,” Miller said. “I’m a conservative Republican but I wanted to go to Bernie Sanders rally because you don’t get a lot of chances to do stuff like that in West Virginia.”

Miller said Huntington was a great location for Sanders to visit while campaigning for the 2016 presidential election.

“Huntington was a good place for Bernie to come because there’s a high demographic who supports him here,” Miller said.  “It’s great to see so many people my age get involved in a political election, no matter what side of the fence they’re on.”

“With the primaries just around the corner, it’s so important to get my age group to turn out at the polls and I think that this rally will really help our voices be heard,” Howes said.

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